Force, Work & Energy Worksheet-6

Force, Work & Energy Worksheet-6


Multiple Choice Questions: (More than One Option)

  1. In our daily life:

[a] we lift things        [b] we pull things      [c] we push things


  1. Force causes an object to:

[a] stop or start moving

[b] change its position or direction

[c] increase or decrease its speed


  1. Mark the simple machines.

[a] Lever            [b] Pulley           [c] Screw           [d] Wedge


  1. A lever is a simple machine which is used to: 

[a] lift or move heavy weights   [b] cut things

[c] open the lid of a tin                [d] push or pull any object

[e] attach things together


  1. Mark the various forms of energy.

[a] Sound energy                          [b] Chemical energy

[c] Mechanical energy                [d] Electrical energy

[e] Light energy                            [f] Solar energy


  1. Tick the sources of energy.

[a] Sun               [b] Wind            [c] Water           [d] Insects

[e] Birds


Fill in the blank

  1. The energy we get from the sun is called ______ energy.

  2. The force that pulls objects downwards toward the centre of the Earth is called ______.

  3. _____  is done when force moves an object from its place.

  4. A push or pull acting on an object is called _______.

  5. The force that resists movement of a body is called _______.

  6. The ability to do work is called ______.

  7. When work is difficult to do with our hands, we may use tools called ________.

  8. A ______ is a machine with rotating blades that help produce electrical energy.


Answer Keys

  1. A,B,C

  2. A,B,C

  3. A,B,C,D

  4. A,B,C

  5. A,B,C,D,E,F

  6. A,B,C

  7. Solar

  8. Gravity

  9. Work

  10. Force

  11. Friction

  12. Energy

  13. Machines

  14. turbine