English & Logics Worksheet-13

English & Logics Worksheet-13


  1. Jaya and Lata live in ______.

A. a hospital                                   B. a school

C. an apartment                           D. an office


  1. Yesterday, Pammy _____ eggs for breakfast.

A. is having       B. to have           C. Ate                  D. eats


  1. Amy and Anita like ____ to the pool.

A. to go               B. went               C. to swim         D. are swimming


  1. Kamya new shoes right now.

A. wore               B. is buying       C. bought           D. sold


  1. Jara and I ______ to play basketball.

A. like                 B. are playing   C. are liking      D. were


  1. Somna and Maria ___ to ___ New York last weekend.

A. traveled         B. visit                C. go                             D. are traveling


  1. Portuguese is a ______.

A. country          B. language       C. flag                 D. city


  1. Ricky wants ___ to music.

A. listened         B. to listen         C. heard             D. is hearing


  1. My friend Mili _____ me a birthday card every year.

A. is writing      B. sends             C. to send           D. to write


  1. German and Chinese are ______.

A. languages     B. words            C. countries       D. people


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-C; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-B; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-A