Comprehension-3-Coconut Laddoo

Reading comprehension worksheets for grade 1


Serves: 3

coconutDry coconut powder……..1 cup

Milk powder………….…..…1 cup

milk powder Sugar Powder……….…3/4 cup

Boiled Milk……..5-6 teaspoons

Raisins……………..……12 pieces






Prep: 5 mins | Cook: 10 mins


1.                Mix coconut powder, milk powder and sugar powder in a bowl.

2.                Slowly add milk and shape the mixture into laddoos.

(If required you can add more milk, but it should not became very sticky.)

3.                Garnish each laddoo with raisins. Serve.



Refer the given recipe to answer the following questions:

(1)            What is the main ingredient in this sweet?

(A)Milk                (B) Raisins            (C) Coconut         (D) Sugar


(2)            How many ingredients are used to prepare this sweet?

(A) Five                (B) Four               (C) Three              (D) Six


(3)            This recipe is of which sweet?

(A) Burfi                                            (B) Gulab jamun

(C) Rasogulla                                    (D) Laddoo


(4)            Which of these is not an ingredient to of this sweet?

(A) Sugar powder                            (B) Salt      

(C) Milk powder                               (D) Milk


(5)            How much sugar powder do you need to make this sweet?

(A) 3 cups            (B) 3-4 cups         (C) 4 cups            (D) ¾ cup


(6)            How much total time it takes to prepare and cook this sweet?

(A) 5 mins            (B) 15 mins          (C) 10 mins          (D) 51 mins


(7)            The quantity of this sweet will serve how many people?

(A) 4                     (B) 5                     (C) 3                     (D) 6


(8)            In what form is coconut required for this sweet?

(A) Dry coconut powder                 (B) Coconut water

(C) Dry coconut finely sliced (D) Coconut milk


(9)            Which ingredient is used for garnishing this sweet?

(A) Sugar powder                            (B) Milk powder 

(C) Raisins                                         (D) Coconut powder


(10)      What should we take care of while adding more milk to the mixture?

(A) It should not become very greasy.

(B) It should not become very tight.

(C) It should not become very sticky.

(D) It should not become very sweet.


Answer Keys

1.                (C)

2.                (A)

3.                (D)

4.                (B)

5.                (D)

6.                (B)

7.                (C)

8.                (A)

9.                (C)

10.          (C)