English 'n' logic worksheet-6


  1. Deepak ____ his car to the store.

(a) pushes          (b) talks              (c) drives            (d) eats


  1. Mrs. Karuna ____ a lot of jewelry.

(a) wears            (b) cooks            (c) watches        (d) writes


  1. I ____English.

(a) buy                (b) bake              (c) listen             (d) speak

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  1. Ananya ____from India.

(a) wants            (b) is                   (c) feels               (d) sings


  1. Daya ____ short stories.

(a) writes           (b) plays             (c) is                    (d) cooks


  1. You ____ my friend.

(a) have              (b) are                 (c) eat                 (d) speak


  1. My father ____ five brothers.

(a) buys              (b) thinks           (c) reads             (d) has


  1. Susan ____food at the supermarket.

(a) buys              (b) hears            (c) knows           (d) sleeps


  1. Monika ____ in an apartment.

(a) wants            (b) has                (c) sells               (d) lives


  1. Mr. Sharma ____ my neighbor.

(a) listens           (b) writes           (c) bakes            (d) is


Answer Keys:

(51) C; (52) A; (53) D; (54) B; (55) A; (56) B; (57) D; (58) A; (59) D; (60) D