Mock test paper for grade 4 olympiad

Science Olympiad worksheets grade 4   


(1)                 Please brush your teeth _______wash your face.

(a) and                   (b) but                    (c) or                      (d) none of these


(2)                 Mr. Sharma bought flower seeds. "Would you like to help me with planting the seeds?" asked dad to Monu. "Of course!" replied Monu.

What will happen next?

(a) Dad and Monu will borrow the seeds.

(b) Dad will buy the seeds.

(c) Mr. Sharma will teach Monu how to read.

(d) Dad and Monu will plant the seeds.


(3)                 Chosse the correct word for the given phrase.

To close a envelope.

             (a) Ceiling             (b) Soring              (c) Sealing             (d) none of these



(4)                 Which of the following is likely to have a capacity of 200 litres?

(a) a glass                                             (b) A pressure cooker

(c) A water tank                                    (d) A pond

(5)                 Mitali went to buy a samosa from the school cafeteria. The samosa cost Rs.8.50. Mitali paid the cashier a Rs. 10 note and asked   for change. How many 50 paise coin should she get?


                  (a) 1                        (b) 3                        (c) 5                        (d) 2

            (6)                 He got good grades this year. Which of the following can be the reason?

(a) He played basketball with me.

(b) He rides bike every morning.

(c) He was excited for his camping trip.

(d) He worked hard all year.

(7)                 Question: Anusha___________to go swimming this weekend.

(a) want                 (b) is want             (c) wants               (d) will wants


(8)                 ___________ is very useful for the communication for the people working in police and army.

(a) Newspaper                                      (b) Wireless communication

(c) Television                                        (d) Telegram

(9)                 ISD means ____.

(a) International Subscriber Dialing               (b) Interstate Subscriber Dialing

(c) Indian Subscriber Dialing           (d) Internet Subscriber Dialing