Cyberworld crossword-3


WORD BANK:   Chip, cursor, desktop, download, dvd, file, fonts, hardcopy, harddrive, hardware, icons, internet, login, menu, modem, operatingsystem, server, uniformresourcelocator, webcam, worldwideweb

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2  A set of data that is stored in the computer.

5  The main directory of the user interface. It usually contains icons that represent links to the hard drive.

7  The physical and mechanical components of a computer system, such as the electronic circuitry, chips, monitor, disks, disk drives, keyboard, modem, and printer.

8  A moving position-indicator displayed on a computer monitor that shows a computer operator where the next action or operation will take place.

10  A paper printout of what you have prepared on the computer.

11  The process of connecting a networked PC to a server by providing one's userid and password.

12  Similar to a CD-ROM, it stores and plays both audio and video.

14  A network of servers on the Internet that use hypertext-linked databases and files.

17  Full form of URL

18  An international conglomeration of interconnected computer networks.

19  Sets of typefaces (or characters) that come in different styles and sizes.


1  A video camera/computer setup that takes live images and sends them to a Web browser.

3  A set of instructions that tell a computer on how to operate when it is turned on. It sets up a filing system to store files and tells the computer how to display information on a video display.

4  A context-related list of options that users can choose from.

6  A tiny wafer of silicon containing miniature electric circuits that can store millions of bits of information.

9  A computer that shares its resources and information with other computers, called clients, on a network.

12  The process of transferring information from a web site (or other remote location on a network) to the computer.

13  another name for the hard disc that stores information information in a computer.

15  Symbols or illustrations appearing on the computer screen that indicate program files or other

computer functions.

16  A device that connects two computers together over a telephone or cable line by converting the

computer's data into an audio signal.