Fun with graphs-ebook

The 300 + pages ebook contains  graphs of all the important functions. Student can all learn to draw the graphs. Domain and range of the functions have also been given. Good number of questions based on solving equations have also been explained. A must do collection for CAT aspirants.


01. Graphs of Rational and Irrational Functionse                           

02.    Graphs of Piecewise Functions                         

03.    Geometrical Curves  

04.    Graphs of Transcendental Functions 

05.    Graphs of Inverse Functions of Given Functions

06.    Graphical Transformations (Shifting from Origin) 

07.    Graphical Transformations-1

08.    Graphical Transformations (Modulus)

09.    Graphical Transformations-2 

10.    Transformations involving greatest integer function 

11.    Transformations involving fractional part function

12.    Inverse Trigonometric Function

13.    Trigonometric Inequalities 

14.    Solving Equations Graphically 

15.    Graphs of Type h(x) = Maximum  Minimum {f(x), g(x)} 

16.    Curvature 

17.    Asymptotes

18.    Singular Points