Characteristics of Plants



•    They are of different colours, shapes, and sizes.

•    Plants are alive, just like human beings and animals.

•    They grow and die.

•    They need energy, nutrients, air, and water.

•    They respond to different environmental factors.


Based on these characters most plants can be classified into following categories:

  1. Herbs

  2. Shrubs

  3. Trees

  4. Creepers

  5. Climbers


1.  Herbs

•    Herbs are small-sized plants with soft stems. Tomato, Aloe vera, and wheat are examples of herbs.


2.  Shrubs

•    Shrubs are medium-sized plants with hard, woody stems. Cotton, lemon, and rose are examples of shrubs.


3.  Trees

•    Trees are tall plants that have a thick main stem called the trunk. Banyan and pine are examples of trees.


4.  Creepers

•    Creepers are plants with very weak stems. Creepers grow along the ground. Strawberry, grass, cucumber, pumpkin are examples of creepers.



5.  Climbers 

•    Climbers also have very weak stems. Climbers attach themselves to supports such as walls, sticks, and other plants. Orangevine, grapevine, etc. are examples of climbers.