Taj Mahal

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 Taj Mahal 

reading comprehension tajmahal for grade 1

  • Taj Mahal is situated in Agra on the bank of river Yamuna.
  • It is also known as the symbol of love.
  • It was built by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Arjumand Banu, who was later known as Mumtaz Mahal.
  • The actual Tomb of Mumtaz is situated inside the Taj Mahal.
  • It took twenty-two years to complete the construction of Taj Mahal.
  • It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains.
  • It is an spectacular example of Mughal Ar­chitecture.
  • Around twenty thousand people were employed to make this building.
  • It is made up of white marble.
  • It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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Refer the given composition to answer the following questions:

  1. Taj Mahal is in which city?

(A) Jaipur             (B) Agra               (C) Ahmadabad   (D) Chandigarh


  1. On the bank of which river is Taj Mahal situated?

(A) Ganga            (B) Saraswati       (C) Godavari        (D) Yamuna


  1. Taj Mahal is very popular because:

(A) It is situated on the bank of river Yamuna.

(B) It is one of the biggest buildings in India.

(C) It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

(D) It is built by a Mughal emperor.


  1. How many years it took to complete the construction of Taj Mahal?

(A) Twenty three                           (B) Twenty two

(C) Twenty                                      (D) Twenty one


  1. Who built Taj Mahal?

(A) Shahjahan                                  (B) Mumtaz Mahal

(C) Sher Shah Suri                           (D) Jahangir


  1. What was the relationship between Shahjahan and Arjumand Banu?

(A) Brother-sister                             (B) Neighbours

(C) Husband-wife                             (D) Cousins


  1. What was the other name of Arjumand Banu?

(A) Banu Mahal                               (B) Mumtaz Mahal

(C) Shahjahan                                  (D) Mumtaz Banu


  1. What is Taj Mahal made up of?

(A) Sand stone                                 (B) Red stone

(C) White marble                             (D) Black marble


  1. How many people were employed in its construction?

(A) Around twenty thousand         (B) Around ten thousand

(C) Around twenty hundred           (D) Around two thousand


  1. What kind of architecture is Taj Mahal?

(A) Indian            (B) European       (C) American       (D) Mughal


Answer keys
1. (B); 2. (D); 3. (C); 4. (B); 5. (A); 6. (C); 7. (B); 8. (C); 9. (A); 10. (D)