Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-12

Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-12


Multiple-Choice Questions: (With One Option Correct):

  1. What are the products of given reaction? 

(A) C5H8CI2                                        (B) C3H7CI + CH3CI

(C) C4H9CI + HCI                               (D) Mixture of all of these


  1. Bromine water is decolorized by unsaturated hydrocarbons because:

(A) Unsaturated hydrocarbon oxidize bromine water forming hydrogen bromide

(B) Unsaturated hydrocarbon form addition product with bromine thus decolorizing it

(C) The reddish brown colour of bromine product is due to HBrO3 (Bromate), which gets dissociated on reaction with hydrocarbon

(D) All of these


  1. Rectified spirit is:

(A) 4% water +96% ethanol           (B) 4% water +96% methanol

(C) 5% water + 95% ethanol           (D) 0.1% water +99.9% ethanol


Matrix Matching:

  1. Match Column:


  1. Match Column:


Word Bank:

  1. The name of following functional groups –CHO, –COOH, –X are ____a____, _____b_____, _____c_____.

(A) Aldehyde group      (B) Carboxylic acid group      (C) Halogen group


  1. The IUPAC names of acetone, diethyl ketone and propyl butyl ketone are _____a_____, _____b_____, _____c_____.

(A) Propanone              (B) Pentanone                        (C) Octanone


Answer key:

  1.  (B)
  2. (C)
  3. 1-B; 2-D; 3-A; 4-C
  4. 1-B; 2-C; 3-D; 4-A
  5. :::
  6. :::