English 'n' logic worksheet-2


  1. My brother is my mother’s ______.

(a) Son                (b) daughter     (c) father            (d) nephew


  1. _____ have two wheels. Cars have _____.

(a) bicycles ... four                       (b) trucks ... three

(c) buses ... four                           (d) boats ... two

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  1. Sanjil is sick, so his mother is going to the ____ to buy him some medicine.

(a) farm              (b) school           (c) pharmacy    (d) theater


  1. Rita has two siblings. One is her sister, and the other is her ______.

(a) Cousin          (b) brother        (c) child              (d) husband


  1. During the summer, my family goes to the ____. Although the water is cold, we swim in the ______ there.

(a) city ... library                          (b) forest ... trees

(c) beach ... ocean                        (d) mountains ... snow


  1. My _____brother is my ______.

(a) aunt’s ... wife                          (b) grandmother’s ... nephew

(c) daughter’s ... cousin               (d) father’s ... uncle


  1. Manavi enforces the law, protects the citizens, and carries a gun to work. She is ______.

(a) a fire fighter                             (b) a police officer

(c) a teacher                                   (d) a construction worker


  1. You use your ______to ______.

(a) legs … run                                (b) hands … sleep

(c) mouth … move                        (d) ears … breathe


  1. The father of my mother is my______.

(a) nephew        (b) uncle             (c) godmother  (d) grandfather


  1. My ______has three children: my brother, my sister, and me.

(a) Stepsister    (b) son                (c) friend            (d) Mother


Answer Keys:

(11) A; (12) A; (13) C; (14) B; (15) C; (16) D; (17) B; (18) A; (19) D; (20) D