Math Olympiad Grade 3 Numbers Worksheet-3

number puzzles class 3 kids

Numbers Worksheet-3


  1. Mr. Gupta wrote a 2-digit number on the blackboard. Three students Gautam, Rohan and Pradeep said the following about that number:

       Gautam: “It is a 2-digit number but not the least”.

       Rohan:   "It is the predecessor of least 3-digit number”.

       Pradeep: "It is having three different digits"

       What is the number, if only two of the three students said the truth?

       A. 10                   B. 99                   C. 100                 D. 123


  1. In numbers from 1 to 100 the digit "0" appears ____ times.

       A. 9                     B. 10                   C. 11                     D. 12


  1. Which of these numbers, if rounded to the nearest one thousand will change into 61,000?

       61,344; 59,550; 61,532; 60,711

       A. 61,532 and 60,711                   B. 61,344 and 60,711

       C. 61,532, 59,550 and 60,711    D. none of the above

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  1. A school covers six hundred seventy-nine square metres of land. Identify its number form.

       A. 670                 B. 697                 C. 79                   D. 679


  1. Which figure is on the 15th place from START?

       A.          B.           C.            D.


  1. Madhavi wrote a number on the black board as shown below:


       If it is formed from three different digits, then which number could be placed in the gap to make it the biggest number?

       A. 0                     B. 5                      C. 9                     D. 8


  1. The table below shows the length of some of the rivers in India.

       The Ganga River is 810 miles long. This is GREATER THAN the length of which river?

       A. Krishna         B. Jamuna         C. Saraswati     D. Kaveri


  1. Bikram is taller than Suman. Raunit is smaller than Rajiv but taller than Bikram. Which figure represents Rajiv?

       A.           B.           C.      D.


  1. Write the word form for 43,208.

       A. forty three thousand two hundred eighty

       B. forty thousand two hundred eight

       C. forty thousand three thousand two hundred eight

       D. forty three thousand two hundred eight


  1. The smallest 3-digit number is:

       A. 999                 B. 100                 C. 1000              D. 99



(1)–B; (2)–C; (3)–B; (4)–D; (5)–B; (6)–D; (7)–C; (8)–C; (9)–D; (10)–B