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Interactive quizzes & worksheets on miscellaneous and mix review test for grade-3 olympiad science students.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions

Olympiad Class 3



  1. Fibrous roots are shallow roots with many branches

(A) True             (B) False


  1. Taproots are not very deep.

(A) True             (B) False

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  1. There are 3 main kinds of roots.

(A) True             (B) False


  1. The large oval part of a seed, is known as an embryo.

(A) True             (B) False


  1. Physical properties can be observed using the;

(A) senses (B) light             (C) water           (D) all of these

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  1. A microscope makes small objects appear what?

(A) larger           (B) smaller

science worksheets for class 3

  1. Some flower petals are very colorful to help attract bees and other insects.

(A) True             (B) False


  1. ________are the part of the plant that is used in reproducing (or making new plants).

(A) Stems          (B) Leaves         (C) Roots           (D) Flowers

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  1. Two types of roots are ______ and _______ .

(A) brown and red                       (B) long and short

(C) deep and squiggly                 (D) taproots and fibrous


Answer Keys

(25)–A; (26)–B; (27)–B; (28)–B; (29)–A; (30)–A; (31)–A; (32)–D; (33)–D