Science olympiad grade 3-Test-11

science olympiad grade 3


  1. What kind of soil do you think is in the desert?

(A) dark, damp soil                      (B) dry, sandy soil

(C) sticky, red soil                        (D) think, muddy soil


  1. What happens when living things decompose?

(A) They grow healthy and strong.

(B) They have babies.

(C) They store up fat for the winter.

(D) Their parts break down into the soil.

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  1. Which part of the soil has bits of dead plants and animals?

(A) roots            (B) humus         (C) clay              (D) bedrock


  1. Which of the following sound sources would produce the LOUDEST SOUND?

(A) jet plane      (B) pin falling   (C) Doorbell      (D) whisper


Answer Keys

(41)–B; (42)–D; (43)–B; (44)–A