am, is, are Worksheet-10

am, is, are Worksheet-10


  1. I (be) ______ ready to go. When (be)_____we leaving?

A. Am, are         B. Was, were    C. Was, are       D. Am, aren’t


  1. Who (be)______at the pool yesterday?

A. is                     B. are                  C. was                 D. were


  1. I (be)______very tired. I (be)______tired yesterday too. I think I (be)______getting sick.

A. Am, was, am                            B. Was, was, was

C. Was, am, was                           D. Was, was, am


  1. I (be)_______driving to the office this morning when I noticed that I was getting low on gas. So, I stopped to get more. A kind man filled the tank for me. He (be)________very nice.

A. Am, was        B. Was, was      C. Was, am       D. Am, is


  1. Sarita (be)_____at the party last night. Leena and Ankita (be)______there too.

A. Was, were    B. Is, are            C. Was, was      D. Was, weren’t


  1. Avi (be)______my best friend. She and I (be)_______in the same English class. It meets from 10:00 to 10:50.

A. Is, are            B. Was, were    C. Is, were         D. Was, are


  1. Mallika and I (be)______at Jaya's house yesterday. Now, we (be)______at Manya's house.

A. Were, are      B. Are, are         C. Are, were      D. Were, were


  1. Jay and I (be)______in the mountains. We (be)______on a camping trip together. I hope we don't see a bear!

A. Are, are         B. Were, were   C. Are, were      D. Were, are


  1. When she (be)______young, Nisha (be)______interested in science. However, she (be, not)_______interested in science anymore. Now, she (be)________interested in math.

A. Was, was, isn’t, is                    B. Was, was, isn’t, was

C. Was, was, wasn’t, is                D. is, is, isn’t, is


  1. Tennis (be)_____my favorite sport when I was in high school. Now my favorite sport (be)_____


A. Was, is          B. Was, was      C. Is, is               D. Is, was


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-C; (3)-A; (4)-B; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-A; (10)-A