Addition & Subtraction Worksheet-4

Addition & Subtraction Worksheet-4


  1. Total cost of Plasma TV and laptop computer is Rs.4,758. If cost of laptop computer is Rs.1,889, what is the cost of Plasma TV?

A. Rs.2,899       B. Rs.2,869       C. Rs.2,879       D. Rs.2,859


  1. A confectionery shop ordered total 2485 kgs of flour, salt and sugar combined. If the ordered weight of flour is 1485 kgs and ordered weight of salt is 500 kgs, what is the ordered weight of sugar?

A. 400 kgs         B. 500 kgs         C. 485 kgs         D. 585 kgs


  1. Hitesh traveled 3,851 km from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. He then traveled 4,082 km from point ‘B’ to point ‘C’. What is the total distance he traveled?

A. 7,953 km      B. 231 km          C. 7,903 km      D. 7,933 km


  1. The cost of air ticket from Chicago to Shanghai is Rs.2,054. Mr. Sharma paid for the ticket using cash and credit card both. He paid Rs.750 in cash. How much money did he pay using credit card?

A. Rs.1,304       B. Rs.2,804       C. Rs.1,300       D. Rs.1,254


  1. Mr. Sharma took a taxi from his home to the airport and paid Rs.68. He is left with Rs.231 now. How much money Mr. Sharma had when he left home?

A. Rs.319           B. Rs.299           C. Rs.289          D. Rs.309


  1. Mr. Sanjay works for 128hrs a month. His wife works for 76hrs a month. What is the total number of hours they work each month?

A. 200hrs          B. 194hrs           C. 214hrs           D. 204hrs


  1. Tommy has Rs.245 in his bank. He deposited Rs.22 more on Monday and Rs.15 on Tuesday. How much money does Tommy have in his bank now?

A. Rs.260          B. Rs.282          C. Rs.37             D. Rs.267


  1. Ashok has 1,956 stamps, Maria has 2,410 stamps and Rohan has 897 stamps. How many total stamps do they have all together?

A. 4,366             B. 3,307             C. 2,853             D. 5,263


  1. Sushma ordered the following items to bake a cake. Sugar - 514 kg Salt - 289 kg Butter - 179 kg What is the total weight she ordered?

A. 992 kg           B. 803 kg           C. 692 kg           D. 982 kg


  1. Two boxers were weighed before the boxing match. Weight of one boxer was 202 kg while the weight of other boxer was 176 kg. What is the difference in their weights?

A. 26 kg              B. 6 kg                C. 16 kg              D. 36 kg


Answer Key:

1. (b); 2. (b); 3. (d); 4. (a); 5. (b); 6. (d); 7. (b); 8. (d); 9. (d); 10. (a)