Vocabulary Worksheet-2

Vocabulary Worksheet-2


  1. Which word means the same as "burst" in the given sentence ? "Sarika and Amita burst out of their houses to get to the car first."

A. they walked slowly out the house

B. they hurried out of the door

C. they broke the door

D. none of these


  1. To bewilder is to

A. amaze or confuse                    B. please greatly

C. take a trip                                D. cook and egg


  1. When you ______, you draw conclusions about something by using gathered data or previous knowledge.

A. inquiry          B. infer               C. compare       D. predict


  1. "Oh my God, what an unusual dress ! What does the word unusual mean?"

A. strange          B. handy            C. regular          D. useful


  1. What do you do if you reread a book?

A. You read it for the first time.

B. You read it one time.

C. You read it again.

D. "You dont read it."


  1. What does the word unhurt mean?

A. hurt badly                        B. hurt

C. not hurt                            D. none of these


  1. What do you do if you reread a book?

A. read it again                    B. read it for the first time

C. "dont read it"                  D. none of these


  1. Jumping from the top of a building without protection is very

A. fun                  B. sad                 C. dangerous    D. exciting


  1. hideous

A. beautiful       B. kind                C. ugly                D. patient


  1. banished

A. kicked out                                 B. bottomless

C. owned                                        D. helped


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-B; (4)-A; (5)-C; (6)-C; (7)-A; (8)-C; (9)-C; (10)-A