Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-22

Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-22


  1. What is the volume of the box shown in the picture?

A. 250 cm3        B. 1,500 cm3     C. 150 cm3         D. 1,500 cm


  1. Which option shows sliding of an object?

A.                                             B.  

C.                           D.


  1. Identify the triangle by the length of its sides.

A. isosceles        B. equilateral    C. right               D. scalene


  1. Find the volume of the figure shown below.

A. 14 cm3           B. 84 cm3          C. 84 cm2          D. 33 cm3


  1. An angle which measures 90⁰ is called:

A. obtuse            B. acute              C. right               D. none of these


  1. The measure of ∠ACB in the following figure is approximately:

A. 90⁰                 A. 45⁰                 C. 224⁰              D. 100⁰


  1. A set of points which do not lie on the same line are called as:

A. collinear                                    B. non-collinear

C. concurrent                                D. none of these


  1. Each angle of a square has the measure of _____ degrees.

A. 60⁰                 B. 90⁰                 C. 100⁰               D. 360⁰


  1. The side of a square tile is 10 cm. How many tiles can be fixed on one side of a wall which is 2.5 m and 2 m high?

A. 100                 B. 400                C. 5000              D. 500


  1. A set of points equidistant from a fixed point in a plane figure is called:

A. triangle         B. circle              C. square           D. none of these


  1. The staircase below is built from cubes with sides of length 4 cm. What is the volume of the staircase?

A. 64 cm3           B. 364 cm3        C. 512 cm3         D. 384 cm3


  1. How many lines of symmetry does the following trapezoid have?

A. 1                      B. 2                     C. 3                     D. 4


  1. The angles of a quadrilateral measure 55º, 75º and 110º. What is the measure of the fourth angle?

A. 240º               B. 60º                 C. 130º               D. 120º


  1. Find the area of the rectangle shown below.

A. 84 sq ft          B. 84 ft               C. 19 sq ft           D. 41 sq ft


  1. Instrument used to measure or construct angles is:

A. compass        B. scale               C. protractor     D. set square


  1. Number of measurements required to construct a square are ____.

A. 1                      B. 2                     C. 3                     D. 4


Answer Key:

1. (b); 2. (d); 3. (a); 4. (b); 5. (c); 6. (b); 7. (b); 8. (b); 9. (d); 10. (b); 11. (d); 12. (a); 13. (d); 14. (a); 15. (c); 16. (a)