Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-21

Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-21


  1. A parallelogram shaped park has an area of 72 square yards and a height of 12 yards. Find the base.

A. 8 yards          B. 60 yards        C. 6 yards          D. 10 yards


  1. The following figures are an example of _____.

A. flip                  B. rotation         C. reflection      D. slide


  1. What is the sum of all the angles in a polygon with 4 sides?

A. 300º               B. 180º               C. 360º             D. 380º


  1. Find the measure of the missing angle.

A. 120º               B. 100º               C. 50º                 D. 130º


  1. An angle which measures 90⁰ is called:

A. obtuse            B. acute              C. right               D. none of these


  1. The measure of angle represented by ‘h’  in the following figure is:

A. 90⁰                 B. 70⁰                 C. 20⁰                 D. 65⁰


  1. A set of points which lie on same line are called as:

A. collinear                                    B. noncollinear

C. concurrent                                D. none of these


  1. Opposite sides of a rhombus are ______.

A. equal                                          B. parallel

C. equal and parallel                    D. none of these


  1. When the perimeter and area of a square are numerically equal, then the numerical value of its side is:

A. 1                      B. 2                     C. 4                     D. 8


  1. The number of vertices in a triangle is:

A. 4                     B. 2                     C. 3                     D. 6


Answer Key:

1. (c); 2. (b); 3. (c); 4. (d); 5. (c); 6. (d); 7. (a); 8. (c); 9. (c); 10. (c)