Skeletal System & Nervous System Worksheet-4

Skeletal System & Nervous System Worksheet-4


  1. True/False:

a.      Skull protects the heart and lung inside.

b.      Teeth help us in cutting and chewing the food.

c.      Skeletal system restricts the movement of our body.

d.      Skeletal muscles are the only muscles which we can control.

e.      Cardiac muscles and smooth muscles function automatically.

f.       Pivot joint is responsible for the movement of the head.

g.      Nerves are spread throughout the body.

h.      Sensory nerves carry messages from the brain to the body.

i.       Reflex actions are controlled by the spinal cord.


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. The ____ system takes signal to brain and helps us in performing various functions like thinking, learning, hearing, seeing, tasting etc,.

  1. The ______ system helps us in movement.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. ___ system is the framework of bones that gives support to our body.
  2. ____ nerves pass through the spinal cord and carry messages to the brain.


Answer Key:

(11)   a.-False; b.-True; c.-False; d.-True; e.-True; f.-True; g.-True; h.-False; i.-True

(12)  Nervous

(13)  Muscular

(14)  Skeletal

(15)  sensory