Simple Past Tense-Worksheet-3

Simple Past Tenses Worksheet-3


Fill in the blank/s.

  1. Aamir _______ at work last week because he _______ ill. He ____ better now.

(A) wasn’t-was-is                             (B) isn’t-was-is

(C) was-was-is                                  (D) wasn’t-was-was


  1. Yesterday ______ a public holiday so the shops ______ closed. They ____ open today.

(A) was-was-are                               (B) was-were-are

(C) is-were-are                                 (D) was-are-are


  1. ______ Ravi and Kavi at the party?’ ‘Ravi ______ there but Kavi ______.’

(A) were-was-wasn’t                       (B) are-was-wasn’t

(C) are-is-wasn’t                              (D) were-was-was


  1. ‘Where _____ my keys?’ ‘I don’t know. They _______ on the table but they ____ there now.’

(A) were-were-aren’t                       (B) Are-are-aren’t

(C) Are-were-are                              (D) Are-were-aren’t


  1. You _______ at home last night. Where ______ you?

(A) were-were                                  (B) weren’t-were

(C) wasn’t-was                                 (D) aren’t-are


Answer Key:

(21)-(A); (22)-(B); (23)-(A); (24)-(D); (25)-(B)