•    Many changes take place around us on their own.


•    In the fields, the crops change from time to time.

•    Sometimes, leaves fall from trees, change colour and dry out.


•    The flowers bloom and then wither away.

•    Our nails grow, our hair grows, we grow taller and our weight increases as we grow.

•    Changes in weather, growth in living things, cooking of food, etc. are some of the common changes we see around us.

•    With the passage of time, different forms of energy cause substances to undergo changes in their colour, state, taste, and arrangement.

•    A change can be defined as an alteration in the physical and chemical properties of matter due to the effect of some kind of energy.

•    Changes take place continuously.



•    The transformation of one thing into another is called change.

•    Every day we observe changes around us. For example the change of day and night, flowering of plants, ripening of fruits, rainfall etc.

•    Change is the transition of any substance from one form to another.


Change in colour:

•    Fruit is ripe or not by observing its colour.

•    A raw mango is green in colour but changes to yellow on ripening.


Change in physical state:

•    If a container filled with water is kept in freezer, there will be a change in its physical state. It fill freeze after sometime and will form ice.


Change in hardness:

•    Batter of the cake is soft but it becomes hard when it is baked.



Change in size:

•    Nails of our finger.


Change in shape:

•    Bud opens out into a flower.

•    The moon changes in its shape, it appear largest on a full moon day


Change in position:

•    Hands of a clock change their position.