Phrasal verbs Worksheet-3

Phrasal verbs Worksheet-3


Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb:

  1. Never borrow, learn to ______.

A. Do within      B. Do without   C. Do with         D. Do for


  1. We are going out; will you ______ our dog in the meanwhile?

A. Look at                                       B. Look in

C. Look for                                     D. Look after


  1. Mr. Bachchan is a person many people ______ .

A. Look in to                                  B. Look up to

C. Look out to                                D. Look down to


  1. This is a new word; I must _____ its meaning.

A. Look up         B. Look in          C. Look to          D. Look out


  1. The kitten is stuck on the tree; it cannot ____.

A. Get up            B. Get in             C. Get for           D. Get down


  1. It’s time for school; hurry up and _____ your uniform.

A. Put on            B. Put in             C. Put off           D. Put out


  1. Look at the time! I must _____ or I’ll be late.

A. Push on         B. Push off         C. Push in          D. Push out


  1. Many small buildings have been _____ to make roads.

A. Pulled with                                B. Pulled down

C. Pulled in                                    D. Pulled out


  1. To destroy weeds, they must be _____ with their roots.

A. Pulled up                                   B. Pulled down

C. Pulled with                                D. Pulled in


  1. On seeing the passengers, the bus driver _____ at the side of the road.

A. Pulled out                                  B. Pulled up

C. Pulled down                              D. Pulled into


Answer Key:

  1. B

Explanation: Do without = survive without


  1. D

Explanation: Look after = take care of


  1. B

Explanation: Look up to = appreciate and try to copy, respect a lot


  1. A

Explanation: Look up = search for (especially information)


  1. D

Explanation: Get down = descend


  1. A

Explanation: Put on = wear


  1. B

Explanation: Push off = leave quickly


  1. B

Explanation: Pulled down = demolished


  1. A

Explanation: Pulled up = removed totally from the ground


  1. B

Explanation: Pulled up = halted, stopped