Food-where does it come from Worksheet-2

Food-where does it come from Worksheet-2


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The stem of ginger and garlic is known as _______.
  2. People living in deserts also drink ________ milk.  
  3. Organisms that can be seen only through the microscope are known as _______.         
  4. Bacteria and Fungi are the examples of _______.   


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. The ______ of this plant are consumed as food.

(A) Roots             (B) Seeds             (C) Flowers


  1. The ______ of this plant are consumed as food.

(A) Seeds             (B) Roots              (C) Leaves


  1. Bear eats both plants and animal .It also likes Honey. Bear will be categorized in which group.

(A) Herbivores     (B) Scavengers    (C) Omnivores


  1. Which of the following dairy product is prepared by collecting the top fatty layer of the milk?

(A) Butter            (B) Ghee              (C) Cream


  1. Which of the following dairy product is prepared by gently heating butter and thereafter removing the solid matter?

(A) Cheese           (B) Cream            (C) Ghee


  1. What kind of teeth does squirrels and rabbits have which help them in gnawing food such as nuts?

(A) Broad and sharp front teeth (incisors)

(B) Broad and sharp back teeth

(C) Short and blunt front teeth


  1. Lion and tiger have sharp ______ and powerful ______ that helps them in tearing flesh.

(A) Claws, jaws    (B) Jaws, paws    (C) Paws, jaws


Multiple Choice Questions: With More than one option:

  1. Mark the plants whose underground stems are consumed as food.

(A)  Potato

(B) C:\Documents and Settings\rupal\My Documents\Downloads\ginger.png Ginger

(C) C:\Documents and Settings\rupal\My Documents\Downloads\garlic.jpg Garlic

(D)  Cassava

(E) C:\Documents and Settings\rupal\My Documents\Downloads\onion.gif Onion


  1. Which of the following part/s of a banana plant is/are consumed as food?

(A) Stem              (B) Root               (C) Flower 

(D) Fruit               (E) Seed


  1. Mark the animals that have wide, blunt teeth which helps them in pulling off grass from the ground and grinding them.

(A) Cow                (B) Squirrels        (C) Horse

(D) Rabbits          (E) Goat


  1. Mark the animals that use its tongue to catch insects.

(A) Frog               (B) Cockroach     (C) Spider

(D) Chameleon    (E) Lizard



  1. Food plays vital role in maintaining proper health.
  2. Wild dogs and jackals are scavengers.
  3. Rice crops need plenty of water for irrigation.
  4. Vultures sometimes eat so much that they can’t fly.
  5. Cows and camels have the ability to bring back previously swallowed food to the mouth for second chewing.
  6. Eagles have curved, pointed beaks that helps them to tear flesh.


Answer key:

  1. bulb/ bulbs
  2. Camel’s/ Camels/ Camel
  3. Microorganism/ Microorganisms/Micro-organism/ Micro-organisms
  4. decomposer/ decomposers
  5. (C)
  6. (B)
  7. (C)
  8. (C)
  9. (C)
  10. (A)
  11. (A)
  12. (A,B,C,E)
  13. (A,C,D)
  14. (A,C,E)
  15. (A,D,E)
  16. True
  17. True
  18. True
  19. True
  20. True
  21. True