Vocabulary Worksheet-5

Vocabulary Worksheet-5


  1. J. L.Bayerd _____ Television

A. invented        B. discovered    C. explored        D. none of these


  1. What might form a BLOCKADE?

A. trays of ice cubes                     B. boards and bricks

C. first-aid kits                              D. pens and pencils


  1. Choose the correct Spelling?

A. adventure     B. aventura       C. adventure     D. none of these


  1. What two words are synonyms?

A. qualified and unfit                  B. prompt and tardy

C. comfort and distress               D. filter and sift


  1. In geometry, shapes that have four sides are classified as a_____

A. box                                              B. quadrilateral

C. triangle                                      D. square


  1. My parents would not_____ me to go there.

A. indicate         B. urgent            C. shabby           D. allow


  1. I enjoyed watching the Karate Kid Parts 1-3 it was a _____

A. tricycle          B. trilogy            C. triangle         D. sequel


  1. Let the paneer_____ in the refrigerator before you cook it.

A. thaw               B. burden          C. qualify           D. vanity


  1. The fire department answered a/an_____ call for help.

A. vanity             B. urgent            C. previous        D. shabby


  1. The child shivered in the____ old coat.

A. thaw               B. shabby           C. urgent            D. dependable


Answer Key:

  1. A

  2. B

  3. C

  4. D

  5. B

  6. D

  7. B

  8. A

  9. B

  10. B