Friction Worksheet-4

Friction Worksheet-4


  1. Does friction depend on smoothness of the surface?


  1. Which surface produces more friction?


  1. Which type of surface produces less friction?


  1. What is the direction of frictional force?


  1. What is the cause of friction between two surfaces?


  1. Which surface has more irregularities smooth or rough surface?


  1. How many types of friction?


  1. Which is less sliding friction or static friction?


  1. Which force helps to write by chalk on blackboard?


  1. Is it easier to hold an earthen pot or a glass tumbler?


  1. Why is it difficult to move on a wet marble floor?


  1. What does friction do to soles of our shoes?


  1. Why does a match stick catch fire when it rubbed on rough surface?


  1. What happens when there is no friction between the chalk and the board?


  1. What would happen when an object stated moving if there was no friction?


  1. What does friction produce?


  1. Write One harm of friction.


  1. Why does jar of a mixer become hot when it is run for few minutes?


  1. Why do the tires of cars and trucks are treaded?


  1. Why do Kabaddi players rub their hands with soil?



  1. Yes


  1. Rough surface


  1. Smooth surface


  1. The direction of frictional force is the opposite to the motion.


  1. Irregularities of two surfaces in contact.


  1. Rough surfaces have more irregularities.


  1. There are two types of friction:

(i) Static friction (ii) Sliding friction.


  1. Sliding friction is smaller than the static friction.


  1. Frictional force.


  1. To hold earthen pot is easier than glass tumbler.


  1. Wet marble floor has less friction so it is difficult to move on it.


  1. It causes wear and tear in soles of our shoes.


  1. Match stick catches fire due to friction.


  1. We could not write on board.


  1. The object would never stop if there was no friction.


  1. Heat


  1. Friction wears out the materials like machine parts.


  1. The jar of a mixer becomes hot due to friction.


  1. The treaded tires of cars and trucks provide better grip with the ground.


  1. Kabaddi players rub their hands with soil for a better grip of their opponents. This way the friction is increased and it becomes easy to hold the hands of opponent.