Coal and petroleum Worksheet-8

Coal and petroleum Worksheet-8


  1. What is CNG? Give its one use.


  1. Why do green leaves not catch fire easily?


  1. How have fossil fuels been formed?


  1. Give one reason why LPG is a better fuel than coal.


  1. Give one advantage of modern chullah over traditional chullah.


  1. Give one main advantage of CNG.


  1. Draw a labelled diagram showing the fractional distillation of petroleum. Give the uses of any three fractions.



  1. Natural gas is stored under high pressure as compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG is used for power generation, as a fuel in vehicles. It is a cleaner fuel than petrol/diesel.


  1. Green leaves contain water hence they do not catch fire easily.


  1. Fosil fuels have been formed by burying of dead remains of living organisms that lived millions of years ago under sediments of rocks. Enormous heat and pressure transformed these remains to fossil fuels.


  1. LPG is highly combustible and also is much cleaner fuel than wood. LPG is a low Carbon emitting hydrocarbon fuel. It emits 19 percent less CO2 per KWh than oil, 30 percent less than coal.


  1. Modern chullah uses LPG a cleaner fuel than wood/ coal which is used in traditional challah.

In complete combustion of wood produces carbon monoxides, carbon particles as soot which can lead to respiratory problems like asthama.


  1. One of the main advantages of CNG is that it can be used directly for burning in homes and factories where it can be supplied through pipes. It is a cleaner fuel.



Petrochemicals are used for the manufacture of fibres, polythene and other man made plastics.

Residue left at the bottom of the column is used for surfacing roads.

LPG is used as domestic fuel.