Environmental Studies Worksheet-8

Environmental Studies Worksheet-8


  1. Which of the following is a major source of air pollution?

A. Breathing                                 

B. Cooking                 

C. Burning of fossil fuel that produces CO2

D. Burning of nuclear fuel


  1. What part of an animal or a plant makes fossil?

A. Soft parts                                   B. Hard parts

C. Both                                            D. None of the above


  1. High roofs in a house _____.

A. Keep it cold in summer          B. Keep it warm in winter

C. is good for rains                       D. All of these


  1. Utensils, scissors, needles, etc., are made from _____.

A. Metals           B. Plastic           C. Herbs            D. Crops


  1. Animal dung and rotten vegetables can be used _____.

A. As insecticides                         B. As manure

C. In making bricks                     D. To make oil


  1. Ramu dissolved some salt in water. He got salty water. What is the solute in this experiment?

A. Salt                                             B. Water

C. Salty water                                D. Salt and water


  1. Look at the following figures.

These represent the outcome when A was added to B. This shows that _____.

A. A is completely soluble in B

B. A is completely insoluble in B

C. B is partially soluble in A

D. B is partially insoluble in A


  1. In India, all the major cities are connected by roadways called ___.

A. National roads                         B. City roads

C. National highways                  D. City highways.


  1. Water pollution can be caused by_____.

A. Decrease in use of pesticides

B. Oil spills from ships

C. Reuse of industrial water by factories

D. Recycling of used water at home.


  1. Water can be found underground. Where does underground water come from?

A. It was made underground when the earth formed

B. Long ago, cave people stored water underground

C. Water seeps into the ground from rain

D. It flows up from the centre of the earth.


Answer Key:

(1)–C; (2)–B; (3)–A; (4)–A; (5)–B; (6)–A; (7)–D; (8)–C; (9)–B; (10)–C