Tense mixed review Worksheet-40

Tense mixed review Worksheet-40

(Forms of Tenses)


  1. My father______(meet) with the company director tomorrow.

A. meets             B. will meet       C. is meeting     D. will be meeting


  1. The Kapoors______(visit) their grand. parents during the summer holidays.

A. will be visiting                          B. will have visited

C. will visit                                     D. is visiting


  1. On Friday next, we______(has) a party for my friend Jasjeet

A. have               B. are hving       C. will have       D. will be having


  1. They_______(leave) for Goa on Saturday morning.

A. will leave                                   B. will be leaving

C. leave                                           D. leaves


  1. He _______(know) me for the past ten years.

A. has known    B. knows            C. is knowing    D. has been knowing


  1. My mother______(cook) for the party since yesterday.

A. is cooking                                  B. has been cooking

C. cooked                                        D. had been cooking


  1. My parents_______ (has/see) the movie 'Avatar' already, when I invited them.

A. has seen        B. had seen        C. saw                 D. have seen


  1. The dogs______(bark) a while ago, but now they are silent.

A. were barking                            B. had been barking

C. barked                                        D. have been barking


  1. I______ (complete) my homework by the time my friends arrive.

A. completed                                 B. will complete

C. will have completed                D. complete


  1. The school ______ (break) up for summer vacation on May 1 and reopens on June 28.

A. break             B. has broken   C. is breaking   D. breaks


  1. By the time Rajan stops to eat lunch he ______ (ride) his bike for two Jiours.

A. will have been riding              B. will ride

C. will be riding                            D. rides


  1. Mr. Khanna____(write) a novel all summer.

A. will write                                   B. is writing

C. will be writing                          D. writes


  1. When I _____ (finish) my assignment, I began to help my brother.

A. finish                                          B. finished

C. had finished                              D. were finishing


  1. Last week we _______ (travel) in Chennai.

A. travelled                                    B. are travelling

C. travel                                          D. were travelling


  1. We______(pay) for our work by the owner of the shop, yesterday.

A. were paid      B. had payed     C. are paid         D. were being paid


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. A

  3. B

  4. B

  5. A

  6. B

  7. B

  8. A

  9. C

  10. D

  11. A

  12. C

  13. C

  14. D

  15. A