English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-37

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-37


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT cause sentence for the following effect sentence.

_____, we do not have to go to work.

A. I drive to my work everyday

B. Employees were not happy with their manager

C. Since July 4th is a holiday

D. "Since I didnt see him around"


  1. Select the CORRECT meaning of the phrase in bracket.

Amar was in (the seventh heaven) when he heard the news of his promotion.

A. Extremely happy                     B. Very sad

C. Little angry                               D. A bit crazy


  1. Classes will start _______ tomorrow.

A. for                  B. since              C. from               D. none of these


  1. "I dont like _____ houses here very much."

A. the                  B. a                     C. an                  D. no article needed


  1. Identify the complete subject.

My friend Sunita helped me with the lawn.

A. Sunita                                        B. helped me with the lawn

C. with the lawn                            D. My friend Sunita


  1. Identify the adjective/s in the following sentence.

The old man handed me a torn and faded letter of his best friend.

A. old, torn, friend, man             B. best, friend, letter

C. old, torn, faded, best              D. friend, man, letter


  1. Select the adjective/s in the following sentence.

He likes eating raw vegetables and boiled eggs.

A. eggs                                            B. eating, boiled

C. likes, vegetables                       D. raw, boiled


  1. ____ Heena know about this party?

A. Do                  B. Does               C. Am                 D. Have


  1. Which sentence is an example of past tense?

A. She will invite all her friends to the party.

B. She is cleaning the party hall.

C. They will order the birthday cake tomorrow.

D. Anuoam helped her clean the party hall.


  1. Mr. Hari ______ here last night.

A. arrived          B. arriving         C. teach              D. like


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-A; (3)-C; (4)-A; (5)-D; (6)-C; (7)-D; (8)-B; (9)-D; (10)-A