English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-85

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-85


  1. Those children ______ you met during the exchange programme have been living in Africa all their lives.

A. that                B. whom            C. whose            D. none


  1. Many famous personalities were invited to the _______ of the new fantasy movie.

A. screening                                  B. programme

C. presentation                             D. broadcast


  1. We _______ had the time to finish our work when the teacher told us to hand it up.

A. extremely     B. hardly            C. so                    D. almost


  1. Space exploration is moving by leaps and ______.

A. runs               B. jumps            C. bounds          D. twists


  1. I prefer the latest ______ of the classic story because it is more interesting.

A. adaptation    B. version          C. alternative    D. description


  1. If Sonu wanted to buy the toy, he _____ (save) his pocket money for it.

A. will                 B. will not          C. would            D. Would not


  1. These two T-shirts are______. It does not matter which one you choose.

A. identical                                    B. homogeneous

C. dissimilar                                  D. analogous


  1. A castle is like a _____ that protects the king and his family who are staying in it from their enemies.

A. fortress          B. steeple           C. tower             D. fort


  1. Most animals which are nocturnal have a sharper_______ at night than in the morning.

A. vision             B. sight               C. view               D. eye


  1. No one_______ the shortest contestant to win the beauty contest but she did.

A. expects                                      B. has expected

C. is expecting                               D. was expecting


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-B; (6)-C; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-A; (10)-D