Growing plants from seeds


•      All seeds cannot grow into new plants.

•      Some seeds are eaten up by birds and insects.

•      Some seeds get destroyed by rain or wind.

•      Some seeds do not get sufficient air, water, or warmth to grow.

•      If the seed survives and gets the right amount of water, air, and warmth (from the sun), it will produce a baby plant or seedling.



•      The process in which a plant emerges from a seed and begins growth is called germination.


Stages of Germination:

•      During the early stages of germination, the seedling gets the food required for its growth from the cotyledons.

•      The seedling gets its food from the food stored inside the cotyledons (seed leaves).

•      After the food stored inside the cotyledons has been used up by the seedling, they obtain it from the soil.

•      The seedling absorbs water and nutrients from the soil with the help of its roots.

•      It then develops leaves and grows into a plant.

•      The seedling also requires air for germination.

•      Air reaches the seedling through pores in the soil.

•      This is why soil is so important for plant growth.



  1. There are three beakers shown below.

In which beaker do you think the seeds will germinate?

Ans: Seeds will germinate in beaker ‘B’ because the soil contains all the vital components which are essential for seed growth.


  1. There are three pots shown below. We have placed seeds in all the pots. Pot A has been kept in a dark room while Pot B and Pot C are provided with sufficient light.

In which pot do you think the seeds will germinate after some days?

Ans: Seeds will germinate in pot ‘C’ because seeds need soil, water, air and sunlight to grow.


  1. All seeds will germinate when they are given space to grow, warmth from the sun, air and water. But all the seeds are not able to germinate still. What can be the possible reason for the seeds to get damaged?

Ans: The possible reasons are: (i) Seeds get damaged if eaten by birds/insects. (ii) They can also be damaged by rain/wind or high temperature.


Key points:

•      If we sow too many seeds at one place, they will compete with each other after they germinate.

•      They will struggle for air, water, sunlight, nutrients, and space to grow. In this process many of the seeds would die.