Growing Plants Worksheet-1

Growing Plants Worksheet-1


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Which of the following part protects the baby plant inside a seed?

(A) Seed coat              (B) Cotyledon             (C) None of these


  1. Where do the seedlings get its food from?

(A) Stems                    (B) Roots                     (C) Cotyledons


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option):

  1. Which of the following part of a plant help a plant to reproduce?

(A) Seeds                     (B) Stems                    (C) Roots          

(D) Flowers                 (E) Leaves


  1. The basic thing/s necessary for seed germination is/are:

(A) Air                         (B) Water                    (C) Roots

(D) Plants                   (E) Warmth


  1. What happens if we sow many apple seeds together?

(A) Plants grows well

(B) Seeds may not get enough water after they germinate

(C) Seeds may not get enough nutrients after they germinate

(D) Seeds get enough space to spread

(E) Seeds may not get enough sunlight for germination


Answer Key:

(1)-(A); (2)-(C); (3)-(A,B,C,E); (4)-(A,B,E); (5)-(B,C,E)