I have got... She has got... Example

I have got…. She has got… Examples
  1. I’ve got blue eyes. (or I have blue eyes.)
  1. Tarun has got two sisters. (or Tarun has two sisters.)
  1. Our car has got four doors.
  1. Dinky isn’t feeling well. She’s got a headache. (she’s got = she has got)
  1. They like animals. They’ve got a horse, three dogs and six cats.
  1. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma haven’t got any children.
  1. It’s nice house but it hasn’t got a garden.
  1. ‘Have you got a camera? ‘No, I haven’t.’
  1. ‘What have you got in your bag?’ ‘Nothing. It’s empty.’
  1. ‘Has Anu got a car?’ ‘Yes, she has.’
  1. What kind of car has she got?
  1. They don’t have any children. (= They haven’t got any children.)
  1. It’s nice house but it doesn’t have a garden. (= it hasn’t got a garden)
  1. Does Anu have a car? (= Has Ann got a car?)
  1. How much money do you have? (= How much money have you got?)