I have got... She has got... Exercise

I have got…. She has got… Exercise
  1. Sarita _____ a car. She goes everywhere by bicycle.
  1. They like animals. They _____ three dogs and two cats.
  1. Charles isn’t happy. He _____ a lot of problems.
  1. They don’t read much. They _____ many books.
  1. ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘I _____ something in my eye.’
  1. ‘Where’s my pen?’ ‘I don’t know. I _____ it.
  1. Julia wants to go to the concert but she _____ a ticket.
  1. hasn’t got

  2. have got

  3. he’s got

  4. haven’t got

  5. have got

  6. haven’t got

  7. hasn’t got