•      Hygiene may be defined as the conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.

•      It is a specific set of practice associated with the preservation of health.

•      Some regular hygienic practices are considered as good habits.

•      So, maintaining good habits create a good hygiene.

•      Good hygiene helps in preventing diseases.


There are some steps which should be followed for maintaining hygienic conditions of our body.

•      We should bath daily.


•      It is important to wash hands with soap and water before and after having food.

•      We should take proper care of our eyes and ears.

•      We must take proper care of our teeth.


•      We must take proper care of our hair and keep our fingernails short.

•      We must keep our surroundings clean.

•      Tiny dust particles stick to our body every day.

        o  During summer, our body sweats.

        o  Sweat causes dust particles to cling to our body.

        o  Bathing is very important for our body.


•      Soil contains germs.

        o  When we come in contact with soil, these germs are transferred to our hands.

        o  These germs enter our body and cause diseases if we eat anything using dirty hands.

•      Eyes are important to us.                      

        o  We should avoid reading under dim light as it damages the eyes.

        o  It is advisable to wash eyes with cold water frequently.

•      Our ears have a self cleaning mechanism and normally do not require cleaning.


        o  We must avoid poking sharp objects into the ear as this can cause damage.

•      Teeth must be brushed at least twice daily.

        o  A special kind of thread, called floss, is also used for cleaning teeth.


        o  Regular flossing removes food particles trapped between the teeth, which are hard to remove.



•      Our body needs rest for its proper functioning.

•      You may have seen that newborn babies sleep most of the day.

•      Adults need 6-8 hours of continuous sleep in a day to remain healthy.

•      Inadequate sleep will result in improper functioning of body organs and can make you fall ill.


•      Staying up late at night watching television is not a good habit.




•      Exercise is essential for remaining healthy.

•      Regular exercise improves blood circulation in the body and helps us to stay fit.


•      Playing outdoor games such as hockey, football, and cricket is another way of staying fit.

•      Yoga, an ancient system of exercises practiced in India, is also useful.



•      Posture refers to body position.

•      It is important for us to keep your back straight while standing or sitting.

•      Leaning forward while standing or sitting puts an extra pressure on certain parts of the body.

•      Incorrect posture, over a long period of time, can lead to diseases.