Heredity and evolution Worksheet-10

Heredity and evolution Worksheet-10


  1. One of the examples of two analogous organs can be the wing of parrot and

A. flipper of whale                        B. foreleg of horse

C. front leg of frog                        D. wings of housefly


  1. Male human is represented by sex chromosomes

A. XX                  B. YY                   C. XY                   D. None of these


  1. Study of fossils comes under

A. Organic evolution                   B. Palaeontology

C. Palaeogeography                     D. Embryology


  1. Origin of species was written by

A. Lamarck       B. Weismann    C. Darwin                   D. Oparin


  1. Genes are formed of

A. DNA                                           B. RNA

C. DNA and proteins                   D. DNA and RNA


  1. Which of the following are analogous organs?

A. Wings of birds and insects.

B. Appendix in humans.

C. Forelimbs of frog, reptiles, birds and humans.

D. All of these.


  1. A Mendelian experiment consists in breeding tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with short pea plants bearing white flowers. The progeny all bore violet flowers, but almost half of them are short. This suggests that the genetic make­up of the tall parent can be depicted as -

A. TTWW          B. TTww            C. TtWW           D. TtWw


  1. An example of homologous organs is

A. our arm and a dog's foreleg

B. our teeth and an elephant's tusks

C. potato and runners of grass

D. All of these


  1. In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with

A. a Chinese school-boy              B. a chimpanzee

C. a spider                                      D. a bacterium


Answer Key:

  1. D
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. A
  7. C
  8. A
  9. A