Homophones Worksheet-4

Homophones Worksheet-4


  1. the foot of an animal which has claws or nails

A. paws              B. pause


  1. hold royal office; rule as monarch

A. rain                B. reign


  1. rough, not smooth

A. coarse            B. course


  1. a pleasant natural smell

A. scent              B. sent


  1. a food made from ice cream, with pieces of fruit, nuts, cream, sweet sauce, etc. on top of it

A. Sunday          B. sundae


  1. the special chair used by a ruler, especially a king or queen

A. thrown          B. throne


  1. the thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals

A. fir                   B. fur


  1. to wed

A. marry            B. merry


  1. fruit from a bush

A. berry              B. bury


  1. sandy shore

A. beech             B. beach


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-B; (3)-A; (4)-A; (5)-B; (6)-B; (7)-B; (8)-A; (9)-A; (10)-B