How do organisms reproduce Worksheet-1

How do organisms reproduce Worksheet-1


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The type of fission carried out by Amoeba is ______ Fission.

  1. In _______ propagation, new plants are obtained from the parts of old plants like stems, roots and leaves, without the help of any reproductive organ.

  1. ______ reproduction is the mode of reproduction in which new individuals are produced without the fusion of gametes

  1. Hydra reproduces by ______

  1. Sperms are formed in ______

  1. Accessory sex organs help in transportation, nourishment and maturation of ______

  1. ______ is Cessation of menstrual cycle in females.

  1. Fallopian tube's other name is ______

  1. _______ nourishes the growing foetus as well as helps in expelling the foetal waste.

  1. ______ is the initial stages in the growth of a seed to develop into a seedling under appropriate conditions.

  1. ______ is the age at which the sex hormones or gametes begin to be produced and the boy or girl becomes sexually mature.

  1. The empbryo gets nourishment inside the mother’s body through ______

Answer Key:

  1. Binary

  2. vegetative

  3. Asexual

  4. Budding

  5. Testes

  6. Gametes

  7. Menopause

  8. Oviduct

  9. Placenta

  10. Germination

  11. Puberty

  12. Placenta