Our Body Worksheet-6

Our Body Worksheet-6


Multiple choice questions: (with more than one option)

  1. Mark the organs of our body.

A. Heart             B. Stomach       C. Brain             D. Lungs

E. Doors             F. Wheels


  1. Which of the following bones are there in our skeletal system?

A. Skull              B. Backbone      C. Joints             D. Ribs

E. Stomach       F. Heart


  1. Tick the correct statement/s about our muscular system.

A. Muscles are attached to the bones.

B. Muscles help us to move the different parts of our body.

C. There are more than 600 muscles in our body.

D. Muscles help digest the food.

E. Muscles together form digestive system.


  1. Which of the following muscles are there in our muscular system?

A. Face muscles                            B. Arm muscles

C. Leg muscles                              D. Joint muscles

E. Hair muscles


  1. Mark the organ/s of our digestive system.

A. Mouth           B. Food pipe     C. Stomach       D. Intestine

E. Skull              F. Joints


  1. Tick the organ/s that form our breathing system.

A. Stomach       B. Anus              C. Intestine        D. Nose

E. Windpipe      F. Lungs


  1. Tick the following organ/s that make up our nervous system.

A. Brain             B. Spinal cord   C. Nerves           D. Stomach

E. Anus              F. Intestine


  1. What makes up our circulatory system?

A. Heart             B. Blood             C. Blood vessels

D. Nose              E. Windpipe      F. Lungs


Answer Key:

  1. A,B,C,D
  2. A,B,C,D
  3. A,B,C
  4. A,B,C
  5. A,B,C,D
  6. D,E,F
  7. A,B,C
  8. A,B,C