English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-101

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-101


  1. Unlike forests, there are no _____ communities that stay in Antarctica. Most of the human population are either scientists or visitors.

A. temporary    B. common       C. indigenous    D. stable


  1. We should not smoke in rooms where there are ______ materials as these would catch fire easily.

A. dangerous    B. Harmful        C. risky               D. hazardous


  1. A party was held in the office to ______ Mr. Sharma's tenth year as the President of the company.

A. commensurate                         B. communicate

C. commemorate                         D. commentate


  1. Jay _____ at the bus stop when he witnessed an accident.

A. waits              B. waited           C. has waited    D. was waiting


  1. I liked staying at the chalet so much that I decided to ______ my stay there.

A. extend           B. stretch           C. drag               D. increase


  1. If you were careful you _____ your wallet.

A. will not lose                               B. would not lose

C. would not have lost                 D. will not have lost


  1. _____ we put a swing and slide in our garden?" Jaya asked her father.

A. Can                B. May


  1. _____ you want to know the answer, you have to ask her yourself.

A. Although       B. Unless           C. If                     D. Therefore


  1. There was ______ response to the contest so the organizers had to increase the maximum number of participants allowed.

A. abundant                                   B. excessive

C. overwhelming                          D. extensive


  1. No ______ are needed for this play. The stage will be completely bare

A. decorations  B. designs          C. props             D. crew


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-D; (3)-C; (4)-D; (5)-A; (6)-C; (7)-B; (8)-C; (9)-C; (10)-C