Improvement of food resources Worksheet-1

Improvement of food resources Worksheet-1


Fill in blanks:

  1. Genetically modified crops are produced by introducing a _____ coding for desired character in plants.


  1. Continuous use of fertilizers in area can destroy the soil_______.


  1. _____ is the science of growing ornamental plants.


  1. Composting done using earthworms is called _____.


  1. Richest component in cereals is _____.


  1. The major nutrient present in pulses is _____.


  1. The process of crossing of genetically dissimilar plants is known as ____.


  1. Crops that are grown in rainy season are known as _____ crops.


  1. Winter season fulfill the conditions required for the growth of ____ crops.


  1. Tallness and profuse branching are the desired characters in _____ type of crops


  1. Out of sixteen essential nutrients, thirteen are provided by ____ to the plants.


  1. Pests, nematodes etc. are _____ factors that affect crop production.


  1. Nutrients required by plants in small quantity are known as_____.


  1.  _____ are the chemicals sprayed if fields to control the growth of pests.


  1. Foreign breeds of animals are also known a ____ breeds .


Answer Key:

  1. Gene

  2. fertility

  3. Horticulture

  4. Vermicomposting

  5. Carbohydrates

  6. Protein

  7. Hybridization

  8. kharif

  9. Rabi

  10. Fodder

  11. Soil

  12. Biotic/Living

  13. micronutrients, micro-nutrients, micro nutrients

  14. Pesticides

  15. Exotic