English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-92

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-92


  1. The penguin _____ we saw just now was taken away from its home in the Antarctica.

A. that                B. whom            C. whose            D. none


  1. The firemen arrived ______ late because many people had already died in the fire.

A. too                  B. quite              C. hardly            D. none


  1. There was an _______ at the office building. A large number of firefighters were sent there.

A. inferior          B. inferno          C. interior          D. internal


  1. Zeus was the_______ god of the other gods. He held the highest authority in Greek mythology.

A. everlasting    B. super             C. supreme        D. utmost


  1. After examining the ______ of the sunken ship, the researchers decided to use robots to help them search for artefacts.

A. wreckage      B. rubble            C. scaffolding   D. carnage


  1. If you had been patient, you _____ (see) the famous singer entering the hotel.

A. will have seen                           B. will not have seen

C. would have seen                      D. would not have seen


  1. This house ______ definitely be protected from the flood as it is built on stilts.

A. might             B. will


  1. The tortoise senses impending danger _____ it will hide in its shell.

A. since              B. but                  C. unless            D. therefore


  1. Aryan must have the ______ to stick to his diet if he wants to lose weight.

A. obstinacy                                  B. determination

C. decision                                     D. devotion


  1. Jay was watching the seals when they______ water on him.

A. splash                                        B. splashed

C. were splashing                         D. had splashed


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-A; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-A; (6)-C; (7)-B; (8)-D; (9)-B; (10)-B