Health and Hygiene Worksheet-8

Health and Hygiene Worksheet-8


  1. True/False

a.      The position of our body when we sit, stand or walk is known as posture.

b.      Milk is a main source of vitamins.

c.      Roughage is the main component of food item.

d.      Communicable diseases are spread by germs.

e.      Cholera is a communicable disease.

f.       Vaccine was discovered by Louis Pasteur.

g.      Adults need a sleep of 6-8 hrs to maintain good health.

h.      Infants have more number of bones than adults.

i.       Chicken guinea is spread by mosquito (mosquito-Aedes).


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. Select the appropriate word and fill in the blanks to complete the comprehension.

Clean, exercise regularly, bad for health, keep straight posture, balanced diet, waste, should not

We should keep our surrounding ___(a)___. We ___(b)____ throw the garbage in an open area and we should not __(c)__ water. Eating junk food is__(d)____. We should eat ___(e)____to maintain good health. We should ___(f)____ and always ___(g)____while standing, sitting or walking to remain healthy and fit.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. A condition in which a function or a part of a body is no longer in a healthy condition is called ____.


Answer Key:

(10)  a. True

b. False

c. False

d. True

e. False

f. False

g. True

h. True

i. True

(11)   (a) clean

(b) should not

(c) waste

(d) bad for health

(e) balanced diet

(f) exercise regularly

(g) keep straight posture

(12)  disease/diseases