Plant Life Worksheet-3

Plant Life Worksheet-3


  1. What are the three essential ingredients for Germination?

A. Water, soil and warm temperatures

B. Air, light and warm temperatures

C. Water, light and soil

D. Water, light and warm temperatures


  1. ______ is a process of releasing excess water and gases from a leaf through the stomata.

A. Perspiration                             B. Photosynthesis     

C. Pollination                                D. Transpiration


  1. The bundles of tubes in a leaf that are used to ____ are called veins.

A. carry oxygen and water         B. carry water and chlorophyll

C. produce food                            D. carry food and water


  1. Roots of a plant take _____ and _____ from soil that is used by leaves to make food.

A. fertilizers, soil                          B. water, soil

C. water, materials                      D. fertilizers, materials


  1. What are the two main parts inside a seed?

A. An embryo and a food source.

B. An embryo and a stem.

C. A seedling and a food source.

D. A seed cover and a leaf.


  1. Stomata are located _____ of a leaf.

A. underside                                  B. topside

C. at the root                                 D. none of the above


  1. Which chemical gives plant’s leaves their green color?

A. Sugar                                         B. Chlorophyll

C. Green Paint                              D. Cell Plasma


  1. The main thick root of a plant is ______.

A. Hair root                                   B. Taproot

C. Fibrous root                             D. Arrowroot


  1. Which part of a plant is responsible to carry food, water and other nutrients from the root to the leaves?

A. Leaves           B. Taproot         C. Stem              D. Flower


  1. What part of a flower holds fertilized eggs?

A. Petal              B. Sepal              C. Ovary             D. Fruit


Answer Key:

1.-(d); 2.-(d); 3.-(d); 4.-(c); 5.-(a); 6.-(a); 7.-(b); 8.-(b); 9.-(c); 10.-(c)