Vocabulary Worksheet-4

Vocabulary Worksheet-4


  1. portion

A. walking in shollow waters

B. to disagree, to say the opposite

C. a part of, a fraction of

D. complete


  1. eroded

A. worn away by the weather or natural forces

B. held in high respect

C. useful article made by people

D. disinterested


  1. _______ is the exact description of where something is

A. map               B. physical         C. area                D. location


  1. _____ is a part or imprint of something that was once alive

A. fossil              B. artifact          C. climate          D. place


  1. We did not have to wear fancy clothes because the event was _____.

A. informel                                     B. informil

C. informal                                    D. none of these


  1. contempt

A. not exact or without any detail, but generally correct and useful

B. approximately

C. disobedience or disrespect towards a court of law

D. to criticize someone or something because you think they do not deserve respect


  1. subtle

A. behaving in a skilful and clever way

B. to make something that is spoken or written shorter

C. a very offensive word for someone who you think is very stupid

D. disobedience or disrespect towards a court of law


  1. willful

A. unreasonably stubborn or headstrong

B. serious

C. funny and enjoyable

D. to show that you think that something is stupid and unreasonable


  1. tranquilize

A. a strong feeling of being sorry that you have done something very bad

B. to make a person or animal calm

C. probably not honest, true, right

D. to state officially and publicly that a particular situation exists or that something is true


  1. congeal

A. a type of beer made from malt

B. a type of wine

C. joint

D. to change from a soft or fluid state to a rigid or solid state


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. A

  3. D

  4. A

  5. C

  6. C

  7. A

  8. A

  9. B

  10. D