Vocabulary Worksheet-3

Vocabulary Worksheet-3


  1. There were very few tickets_____ for the movie.

A. incredible     B. available       C. extreme         D. none of these


  1. If I DISCARD a book, I

A. read it again                             B. write an essay on it

C. write my name in it                 D. give it away


  1. If a pond REFLECTS the trees around it, you can

A. throw sticks into the water    B. see the tree in the water

C. throw away your mirror        D. think about nature


  1. We went to Kashmir for vacations. Our stay was _____.

A. pleasant        B. beautiful       C. cold                D. hilly


  1. If you make a Heroic effort, you

A. try everything you can            B. think about helping

C. give up hope                             D. wear a cape or a mask


  1. Most people notice someone with a/an _____smile.

A. dependable  B. consent          C. indicate         D. attractive


  1. Which is a MARINE animal?

A. a shark          B. a tiger            C. a butterfly     D. a giraffe


  1. Having a lot of detail.

A. intricate        B. intricate        C. entricate       D. none of these


  1. A synonym for strong is

A. shirk              B. flax                 C. powerful       D. none of these


  1. A blue colored plant from which linen thread is spun

A. stout               B. flax                 C. shirk              D. none of these


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. D

  3. B

  4. A

  5. A

  6. D

  7. A

  8. B

  9. C

  10. B