Life Processes Worksheet-19

Life Processes Worksheet-19


  1. Distinguish between light and dark reactions in photosynthesis.


  1. How is absorption of carbohydrates different from that of fats?


  1. Write short notes on assimilation of proteins.


  1. Write a note on salivary glands in man.


  1. Write about the opening and closing of stomata.


  1. Write a note on bronchi.


  1. Show Calvin Benson cycle by a flow diagram.


  1. Differentiate between left lung and right lung of humans.


  1. What are the end products of light reaction? How is each of them generated?


  1. What is the role of light in photosynthesis?


  1. Where does digestion begin in humans? What is the end product of digestion? Where is the digestive juice produced?


  1. What are villi? Where are they present? What is their function?


  1. What are the different components and functions of gastric juice?


  1. How does gaseous exchange takes place in alveoli and tissues?


  1. What is blood pressure? How it is measured? Give one difference between systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.


  1. What are the factors affecting photosynthesis?


  1. Why is transportation of materials necessary?


  1. What is the need of special tissues or organs for transport of substances in plants and animals?


  1. Describe transport of the following materials in plants :

(i) water   (ii) mineral and         (iii) food.


  1. Draw and label the parts of the human excretory system.


  1. Give the difference between pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation.


  1. How will you say that there is double circulation of blood in human body?


  1. Write the main difference between xylem and phloem.


  1. Differentiate between lymphatic capillaries and blood capillaries.


  1. Write an explanatory note on 'Hemodialysis'.


  1. Draw a sieve tube and label the various parts. Name the dead elements of the phloem.


  1. What is the difference between RBC and WBC?


  1. What is haemoglobin? State its functions.


  1. Describe the course of blood circulation in human heart.


  1. Describe in brief the types of valves present in heart.