Life Processes Worksheet-26

Life Processes Worksheet-26


Name the following:

  1. The basic functions performed by living organisms to maintain their life on this earth.


  1. Things which shows such functions, i.e., Metabolism, movement, growth and reproduction in a self imposed and controlled manner.


  1. The process of generation of new individuals from the existing ones of their own type.


  1. Process by which living organisms move from one place to the other.


  1. Sum of all biochemical reactions taking place in a living body.


  1. Process by which living organisms either synthesize food material or obtain it and extract energy from it for their own survival.


  1. Process of oxidation of food material (glucose) by oxygen and the release of energy from it along with carbon dioxide as a waste product.


  1. Process of removal of waste material from the body.


  1. Process by which living organisms synthesize their own food. 


  1. Process by which living organisms synthesize their own food. 


  1. Site of photosynthesis in leaves of plants. 


  1. Site of light reaction of photosynthesis in chloroplast.


  1. Site of dark phase in chloroplast.


  1. Tissue in leaves where photosynthesis is maximum.


  1. A gas used as raw material in photosynthesis.


  1. Formation of ATP from ADP.


  1. Another name for dark phase is ____ phase.


  1. Single units which make grana.


  1. The major product formed as a result of photosynthesis.


  1. The main reaction by which the molecule of water is broken down by means of light.


  1. The energy currency of the cell.


  1. Molecules from which oxygen evolves during photosynthesis.


  1. Light independent phase of photosynthesis.  



  1. Life processes

  2. Living Things

  3. Reproduction

  4. Locomotion

  5. Metabolism

  6. Nutrition

  7. Respiration

  8. Excretion

  9. Autotrophic nutrition

  10. Photosynthesis

  11. Chloroplast

  12. (Grana/thyllakoid)

  13. (Stroma)

  14. (Palisade mesophyll)

  15. (Carbon dioxide)

  16. (Photophosphorylation)

  17. (Biosynthetic)

  18. (thylakoids)

  19. (glucose)

  20. (Photolysis)

  21. (ATP)

  22. (Water)

  23. (dark phase/calvin cycle)