Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-3

Geometry & Mensuration Worksheet-3


  1. A circle has a radius of 5(1/4) inches. Find its circumference.

A. 32.97 in         B. 65.95 in         C. 16.485 in       D. 32.21 in


  1. Mr. Verma made a rectangular prism shaped doghouse for his dogs. The height of the doghouse was half of its length. The length was 3 feet more than its width. The doghouse was 9 feet wide. Find the volume of the doghouse in cubic feet.

A. 54                   B. 108                 C. 648                 D. 216


  1. Which statement is NOT CORRECT?

A. opposite sides are parallel in a rhombus

B. two perpendicular lines always form right angles

C. parallel lines never intersect

D. all intersecting lines are perpendicular


  1. How many square feet is the area of the rectangle shown below?

A. 12                    B. 18(1/5)          C. 5(7/9)            D. 24


  1. Find the perimeter of the triangle shown below.

A. 1,078 cm3     B. 42 cm            C. 32 cm            D. 91 cm


  1. At 5:20 the angle formed between the two hands of a clock is:

A. obtuse            B. right               C. acute              D. none of these


  1. Instrument used to draw circles is:

A. set square     B. protractor     C. compass        D. none of these


  1. A triangle is formed by joining three _____ points.

A. collinear                                    B. non-collinear

C. equal                                         D. none of these


  1. A quadrilateral is having ______.

A. one diagonal                             B. two diagonals

C. three diagonals                        D. four diagonals


  1. Volume of a cuboid with l = 10 cm, b = 12 cm, h = 8 cm is:

A. 96 cc              B. 9.6 cc             C. 960 cu m      D. 960 cu cm


Answer Key:

1. (a); 2. (c); 3. (d); 4. (d); 5. (c); 6. (c); 7. (c); 8. (b); 9. (b); 10. (d)